About Us

China Select Background

China Select (Chinese name is 衡杰企业管理咨询(上海)有限公司)is a human resources consulting service company dedicated to providing talent assessment solutions. We have more than 15 years of service to clients in various fields at home and abroad which including Fortune Global 500. China Select is also a member of The International Test Commission (ITC). The ITC is one of the most fast-growing, active and impactful bodies among all international associations active in the domain of psychology and educational sciences. It has a significant impact on the way psychology in general and on psychological and educational assessment in particular is practiced in many countries all over the world.


China Select Elite Team

The founder of China Select, graduated from the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom with a major in psychology. He is a member of the British Psychological Society and has served as a top 500 executive before. He has extensive business management experience in South Korea, South Africa, Hong Kong, and the Mainland. Knowing the importance of talents to the management of a business, a team of professional psychology consultants graduated from psychology at home and abroad has been formed to provide clients with high level customized human resource consulting services.


China Select Expertise-Talent Assessment Tools

China Select not only acts as an agent for internationally talent assessment tools, but also independently develops a variety of assessment tools. Combining our rich assessment experience, China Select can meet the needs of different clients and deliver a customized assessment tool combination.


Other Human Resource Consulting Services

In addition to providing a variety of assessment solutions, China Select also provides other human resources consulting services for clients, especially good at candidate selection, talent inventory, employee development, executive coaching, etc.


HR Assessment Tool Training Course

The level of HR application evaluation tools is directly related to whether they can be used correctly and maximize the role of evaluation tools. China Select offers training courses for various evaluation tools. Through systematic learning, HR can master the operation methods of related evaluation tools, report interpretation and other skills.


China Select Vision

China Select is committed to applying advanced and scientific evaluation tools, professional and rigorous professional skills, to provide clients with objective talent solutions.